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Test Prep

Our test preparation methods are designed to ready your student physically, mentally, and emotionally for taking tests.


We work with the student to be prepared for standardized testing including SAT/ACT, end-of-grade, and scheduled subject testing throughout the year.

Student Behind the Books

The Study Plan

Creating a plan is important.   Class Half Full will work with each student to create a study plan that meets his or her personal needs.


Our study plan includes a review of  the material, practice exercises, and preparation techniques that guide the student right up to the time of the test.


Physical Preparation
The student will grow to understand the importance of physical preparation before an exam and be encouraged to practice basic self-care habits.   These include sufficient rest and nutrition leading up to a test as well as practicing relaxation techniques.


Taking the Test

The student is prepared, and now it is time to perform.   Class Half Full equips each student with testing techniques that will create confidence and efficiency.   These techniques help the student navigate the test in ways that fully demonstrate his or her knowledge of the material while making the most efficient use of the time allotted.

After the Test

The learning isn't over.  At Class Half Full, we view testing as an assessment tool that further guides learning.   The tutor will review the results with your student and highlight any challenging areas to be incorporated into subsequent study plans.


The student will have input as to how he or she thought the test went and what changes, if any, might be made to prepare for the next exam.



Test Preparation Methods
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