Your Successful Homeschool Program

Whether you are new to homeschooling or have been at it for years, we can help.  We develop personal lesson plans that align with each individual student's needs and study preferences.   We can also teach-the-teacher (parent) how to be comfortable making a wide variety of lesson plans in all subjects.

It's Personal

The importance of Personal Learning Solutions is never more evident than in homeschool situations.   A successful home school program does not come pre-packaged.   We approach each opportunity with a variety of teaching methods and practices, leveraging those best-suited for your individual student's needs, habits, and abilities.  

It's Supported
Starting out with homeschool can be challenging for the student and the parent.   At Class Half Full we can support you both.   We equip the parent/teacher with planning and organizational techniques that optimize learning as well as helping you to identify a variety of homeschool support resources.


It's Structured

Class Half Full can help you jumpstart your homeschool program.  While there are numerous homeschool curriculums out there to peruse, there are many ways to supplement the learning outside of a set curriculum.  We can help determine what methods fit best with you and your student.


Whether this is a permanent or temporary homeschooling choice, we are here to help you find your footing, so you can begin to attend to what's important - teaching your child.


It's Regulated

The Division of Non-Public Education in our state has expectations of your homeschool.   We can assist in guiding you to the right resources so you can teach with confidence, knowing you are in compliance with the law.

Elements of a Successful Homeschool