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Learning to Learn

Developing Successful Learners

When a student begins to understand what kind of learner he or she is and the teaching methods are tailored to that learning style, the possibilities are endless.


A student’s learning style can vary from one subject to another and the ability to recognize this and adapt to different situations is important to his or her success across a broad array of subjects.


A well-organized environment is important for successful learning.  We can teach short-term and long-term organizational skills from setting up a home-study area to organizing notes, backpacks, and lockers.   Your student will learn to make check lists, schedules, and agendas that help plan and track his or her progress with tutor-facilitated checkpoints along the way.


Time Management

Young students are often just beginning to understand how important time-management is during the school year.   We can help each student to develop skills that optimize the use of time and prioritize the tasks at hand.


Getting Help

A successful learner is active in his or her education.  At Class Half Full, we believe that it is crucial for students to learn to ask for help.  Our students learn to ask good questions with confidence while understanding that asking for help demonstrates maturity and progress toward independent learning.


Managing Expectations

Understanding any assignment is the first step  toward meeting expectations.   Uncertainty elevates anxiety and hinders learning.  We can teach students how to interact with teachers in a way that clarifies expectations, reduces anxiety, and enhances learning.

Skills of a Successful Learner
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